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As seen in - The Irish Examiner

As seen in - The Irish Examiner

"I’ve been using it on a particularly congested space on my chin for the past month and have noticed a difference" - Kate Demolder

Kate discusses her top June Beauty Buys including our LED Tri-Booster as one of her favourites for summer skin! 

We asked our CEO Anna to tell us why our LED Tri-Booster needs to be part of your skincare routine.

"The draw to our LED Tri- Booster device goes beyond its convenience. It pairs three technologies in one - LED light wavelengths, thermoheat technology and sonic pulsations, alongside its jade stone base, making it a multi-tasking, high performance tool with this three in one device. Customers can appreciate the no-strings-attached, cordless and sleek design which makes it easy to move around your face. Rather than needing several devices to achieve results, this multitasker treats multiple skin concerns at once with a built in timer and rechargeable design. 

For skin, LED Light Therapy has been used for decades in clinic to treat and target specific skin conditions, and now clients can access the proven technology from the comfort of their own home. Our LED Tri-booster has three LED light modes on board -  Red. Blue and Yellow. LED Light Therapy uses light at various wavelengths to help address multiple skin concerns. Red light reaches the cells to produce more energy for natural collagen and elastin production along accelerated skin repair, which minimises fine lines and wrinkles while keeping skin plump and supple. Blue light interacts with the cells on the skins surface helping to reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts while regulating sebum production - one of the main causes of blemishes. Yellow light is best known and loved for its flawless airbrush effect. It stimulates circulation, increases hydration and encourages anti-inflammatory properties, reducing irritation in the skin and improving the overall appearance.

Yes, LED light therapy is trending at the moment and for good reason. If you've scrolled Instagram or TikTok recently it’s likely you’ve stumbled upon at least one or two people absorbing the benefits of LED light. As a skincare professional myself, for over 17years, I know the benefits of a good home care routine. I’ve spent majority of my career testing the latest high-end aesthetics, tools and skincare treatments. With all of this extensive research and knowledge, I know how crucial a targeted home care routine is for optimal skin health! Developing devices that offer real results and providing our customers with the flexibility to receive pro-level treatments at their convenience, in the comfort of their own home, is my passion. The increasing demand for non-invasive treatments and at-home technology is rising, and Haumea Skincare is at the forefront of developing innovative and effective devices for the Irish Market"

If you'd like to read more about our LED Tri-Booster's features and what it can do for your skin - visit our product page here.